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Therapy Tips for Practitioners

This course will discuss the different areas of the brain that control vision and eye movements, as well as rehabilitation techniques specific to each area.


Eye Movement and Therapy

Concussions cause disorganization in the brain. This course discusses how the nervous system is affected by mTBI, post-trauma vision syndrome, and principles of vision retraining.


Concussion – What’s Vision Got to Do with It?

2018 Train Your Brain To See Again opening lecture presented by Dr. Fitzgerald.


How to Get Out of Your Lane: Feeling Comfortable with Concussion Evaluation & Rehabilitation

This course contains tips and tricks for practitioners beginning to evaluate concussions or other mTBI's.


Symptom Guided Therapy: A Case Study

Four case studies will be presented on utilizing symptom guided therapy for concussion/mTBI patients.


NORA Follow-Up

This course is a follow-up from the NORA Convention. Concussion testing best practices, symptom provocation, and the role of optometry in concussion eval and rehab are discussed.



This course discusses comprehensive concussion evaluations, symptom provocation, VOMS testing, and other neuroexam methods utilized in practice.



This course will provide a discussion on the latest in concussion research, new technology, cognitive testing, and an overview of case studies. 


A Brain-Eye Therapy Approach

This course will discuss the thought process of an integrated therapy approach to treating mTBI's. Post-trauma vision syndrome and several case studies will be presented.


So You Have a Concussion, Now What?

This course will discuss the role of optometry and concussion rehabilitation. Includes an overview of the six concussion clinical trajectories, eval and rehab techniques, and case studies.


Cognitive Testing and Therapy

This course will discuss the role of cognitive testing in concussion or mTBI management. A variety of cognitive tests will be presented along with vision and vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation strategies. 


Brain Regions and Therapy

This course will discuss the regions of the brain and their role in mTBI and concussion rehabilitation.


Eye Movements Expanded – October ’20 Webinar

October webinar series. Eye movements expanded and brain regions.


Dr. Fitz’s Sports C.A.M.P.

Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD reviews categories of her concussion exam, various assessments to perform, and how concussion therapy can improve athlete outcomes and longevity.


Clinical Brain Regions: Part I – IV


Neuro-Rehab Therapy and Tools in a Pandemic


Concussion: An Integrative Approach

Documents and trajectories strategies towards concussion diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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