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Telemedicine and Home Exercise Programming

Learning objectives: 1. Determine when telemedicine is appropriate
2. Understand multiple techniques to implement telemedicine
3. Provided with examples of high tech programs to apply to various populations


Train Your Brain to See Again Clinic

Join us for our 2 day Train Your Brain to See Again Clinic July 8-9, 2022. During the 2 days we will discuss Multi-Sensory Stimulation Therapy, how to bill/code it, and its relation to concussion, TBI, and neurodegenerative affect.


ImPact Testing

Dr. Fitzgerald, OD reviews what ImPact cognitive testing is and why it is useful in the clinical practice.


Cognitive Assessments Webinar

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to analyze assessments reviewed in this lecture.
2. Participants will be able to apply how to use an ImPact test, Cognivue assessment, and CNS Vital Signs test.
3. Describe how these cognitive evaluations can be billed.


Eye Movements & RightEye; a tool for diagnosis, management, & treatment

This webinar discusses the eye tracking software, RightEye, and what it means, how to use it, and how to bill for it.


CE Wire 2022; Sport Vision Training

Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald discusses how sports vision training can be used during concussion rehabilitation and for sports performance.


Multi-Systems Therapy

Understand the Optometrist’s role in Multi-Systems Therapy in relation to concussion and traumatic brain injury.


Concussion Biomarkers & Therapy

1. Define Concussion & the biomechanics of the concussive force
2. Understand a neuron injury in relation to a concussion diagnosis
3. Explain why the blood brain barrier is important in concussion rehabilitation


Low Level Light Therapy

Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD and Dr. Amy Thomas, OD review the purpose and treatment strategies of low level light therapy.

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