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Cerebellum, Eye Movements, & Therapy

Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD discusses the eye movements and their anatomical association to regions of the brain.


Concussion Lessons for the Primary Care Physician Podcast Series

Audio podcast series for Primary Care Physicians Concussion Lessons. Built by Dr. Fitzgerald, OD for Hawkeye IOA.


Concussion Lessons for the Primary Care Physician Video Series

Articles and documents prepared by Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD and staff.


Vestibular Series Part 1: What are those wiggles & jiggles

Dr. Fitzgerald, OD compares a Right Eye assessment and Vestibular 1st assessment in regards to vision/vestibular integration after suspected injury.


BBOT Module 4: Parietal Lobe

Join Dr. Amy Thomas, OD in her discussion about the Parietal Lobe! Dr. Thomas is very passionate about this anatomy of the brain, which is why she broke it down into 3 videos.


BBOT Module 2

Dr. Amy Thomas, OD releases Module 2 of her Brain Based Optometric Toolbox.

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