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Hockey Puck Case Study

Case Study:
Professional hockey player takes a puck to his right zygomatic arch during a game. He has a clear laceration from the impact. After a trip to the ER for 3 stitches and x-rays, he is clear of any fractures. Dr. Fitzgerald & Associates was able to rule out any retinal damage 2 days after the injury occurred.
At this time the athlete complains of headache pressure around the right eye and zygomatic bone. He was treated with syntonics to balance the autonomic nervous system, the PEMF mat for inflammation, and dry needling around the injury site utilizing homeostatic and symptomatic points. He states that the combination of treatments completely resolved his symptoms of pressure and that he now had mild pressure on the opposite side of his face.
Thanks to this treatment he was able to be cleared of any concussion and play in the games the following week. His Athletic Trainer and equipment manager did make him wear a fishbowl mask around his entire face, attached to his helmet. Due to inter-professional care this athlete, and others, have been able to return to competition so much faster than when working with just one individual.

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